In order to save more senior pets and avoid the stress of a long transport, Newman Nation: Senior Pets United is happy to work with foster homes across the Midwest. We will cover 100% of an animal’s veterinary expenses while in your care and help locate a trustworthy, rescue-friendly veterinary clinic local to you if you are not near one of our regular vets.

Please know that fostering for Newman Nation: Senior Pets United is a long-term commitment, even if the cat or dog is deemed healthy enough for adoption.

Forever Fostering

Newman Nation: Senior Pets United wouldn’t exist without its dedicated foster base. What makes us unique is that our end goal isn’t always adoption. We believe in providing a comfortable, stable environment that caters to a good quality of life for our seniors. For those who may be physically, mentally or emotionally compromised, the last thing we want to do is to turn their world upside down again.

Enter: The “Forever Foster

A “Forever Foster” is an animal that will you will foster through the end of their life – whether that be days, weeks, months, or years. These are cats and dogs that have disabilities, special needs, require intensive specialized care, or who have a poor long-term prognosis. Newman Nation: Senior Pets United covers 100% of a Forever Foster’s veterinary care for life.

Join a passionate team of fosters who would do anything for senior pets.

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